Poem: Wings by Claudette Dean

I left a trail of tear stained stars
For you to find the way...
And in the lining of Dusk’s clouds
I hid a silver key.

But without need of path nor key
You found my secret niche;
And with your grace (that was the key)
Released my heart with haste.

And in the twinkling twilit sky,
As playful lovers would,
We skipped across those tear stained stars,
Snatched up that silver key…

No chains no locks, no hidden rooms,
No longer any need,
I flung it out, oblivion bound,
Euphoria indeed!

And in the glow of love’s pure light,
Your sacred face revealed,
I know for sure, without a doubt... Reflections never lie…

That in your eyes, I saw myself
With wings I swear it’s true...
I’ll never be the same again
It’s all because of You.

Claudette Dean
Freeport, Bahamas,
September 7, 2009

Claudette Dean