Resurrection Video: Claudette Dean Performance Art Video: 'Resurrection' for NAGB NE6
By David Mackey - The Bahamas Weekly News Team, Dec 14, 2012

Seeing Claudette’s work, one can’t help but conclude that she is spiritually connected to unwritten laws that foster harmonious coexistence free from the superficial veils of delusion that mask our true selves. This video presentation more than any other form of creative expression provides a multidimensional outcry for true freedom." — David Mackey,

Claudette Dean 'Resurrection' from mackeymedia on Vimeo.

From the minute we are born, layer upon layer of labels and identities begin to conceal and separate us from one another. Veil after veil, I remove all that I think I am and all that I think I have to be. Exposed and vulnerable, without labels or identities, I stand only as truth and in the silence of the heart I remember I Am That I Am." — Claudette Dean

Claudette Dean