Poem: On Equality and Balance by Claudette Dean

Could the Sun deny the Moon the beauty of her fullness?
Why then do you, Boy, deny a Girl the beauty of hers?

The tides of change are swelling; the current pushes and pulls;
it’s best not to resist, Boy, it’s best to heed the signs.

Nature’s natural balance is lacking in man’s world;
you know that you are the Sun, Boy, now know that I am the Moon.

Equality restores balance and unity equals peace;
it’s Universal Law, Boy, it’s time to make amends.

Now go ahead and shine your light, accept that I’ll shine too;
you know that you’ve been wrong, Boy, this change is way past due.

Claudette Dean
Freeport, Bahamas,
January 21, 2015



Claudette Dean