Botanika Plastika Fall 2020 at Doongalik Gallery, Nassau Bahamas

BOTANIKA PLASTIKA imagines a leap into a surreal future in the year 2525 where the proliferation of plastics suffocating our soil and water has resulted in a new Yellow Coco-tic plant species being discovered that assimilates plastic as a means of coping with a deeply changed environment. Discovered along the remaining high ridge island settlements, the surviving shoreline birds are attracted to its bright plastic-predominant blooms and lay their eggs in its mesh of un-natural roots. A cautionary tale, BOTANIKA PLASTIKA is also a prayer of hope and awareness that our collective powers will come together in time to truly see, appreciate, and support protections for the existing environmental miracle of life on earth—before nature takes matters into an unrecognizable direction: a haunting nature-will-survive-at-all-costs hybrid adaptation. Set against a faded background of a long ago heirloom seed packet, the accompanying poster heralds this new bio-discovery by Creative Explorer & Time Traveler Artist Claudette Dean.

The work echoes save-the-earth anthems from another era when pleas for climate and environmental compassion to preserve for future generations a planet full of color and life—beyond plastics—were paramount. Accompanying field notes and poster design by Paula Boyd Farrington. Coco-tic (coconut + plastic) futuristic adaptive plant species sculpture by Claudette Dean.

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Location: Doongalik Gallery, Nassau Bahamas

When: November 7th and 8th, 2020

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Claudette Dean