Ray of Light created by Claudette Dean

The darkness is always pierced by a ray of light and that ray of light illuminates everything. After a period of gestation in the darkness of the creative womb, illumination did indeed arrive with a Ray of Light.

After having received an invitation to draw up a proposal for a sight specific art installation, my creative juices started flowing again with the idea of using an obelisk on which to display art. The following is my artist statement for “Ray of Light”:

Ray of Light was conceived and designed as an art installation that would inspire a swell of the positive energies of Love, Peace, Unity and Joy.

The obelisk, whose use spans the globe and cuts across all cultures and religions, is the central piece of the installation. It is a structure that the ancient Egyptians referred to as a fossilized ray of light emanating from the sun. It's history dates back 15,000 years to our current era.

In harmony with the obelisk, the 16 mixed media pieces enhancing it reflect ancient objects brought into a more modern and relevant context through the use of material; the intention surrounding these pieces is the magnification of positive energy through the application of symbols, color, numerology, sacred geometry and word.

The sixteen mixed media pieces referred to in the statement were comprised of a modern take on the Egyptian cartouche, the amulet, the mandala and the altered book.

The installation was further strengthened and made interactive with the offering of four different local bush teas referred to as, elixir of love, elixir of peace, elixir of joy and elixir of unity.

Collaboration is a wonderful thing and with the creation of ”Ray of Light” I was able to enjoy the experience of a collaborative effort. Frederic Ossude manufactured the obelisk out of aluminum and Paula Boyd Farrington created what I refer to as the jewels of the obelisk, the altered books.

Cheers to peace, love, unity , joy and collaboration!

Note to self: When in the dark wear black and disappear into it; when illumination comes you’ll know you have awakened.

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