Claudette Dean - Artist

Some may say that there is no such place as the place between the old and the new, that the now is always new and of course this is absolutely true. However when we are in the process of shedding old outmoded habits and beliefs that no longer serve us, we are entering a place for which we no longer have a road map. It is a place of both unease and excitement; moving forward requires courage, the feeling of stagnation has to become more unbearable than facing the fear of the unknown.

I've always been a great admirer of courage and I will admit that it is a virtue that I wish I had more of. When I created my last body of work "Beautiful Burden", my seven guardIAMs were a very important part of it. In conceiving and creating them, I had formed a spiritual army for myself, guards of my I AM, carrying West African Adinkra symbols of things like courage and readiness and other attributes so necessary for navigation and survival in this physical world.

As an artist, being at a new gateway is a very auspicious place to be; crossing the threshold involves both a sense of exploration and a faith in one's destiny. If the moment is fully embraced, there is a sense of complete Freedom, it is the place where greatness dwells.

I am not necessarily concerned with greatness, but I am concerned with sharing my gift to the best of my ability. With my guardIAMs in tow, I'll be in studio doing battle and moving my creative machinery out of neutral into drive.

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Claudette Dean