JUST LET GO is advice we often give people when they are struggling in one way or another but it is not as easy to do as it sounds.

This past year I have been working on a body of work for a solo exhibition which opens on February 14, 2014, its title is “Beautiful Burden”.

I admit it has been a struggle at times mainly because I have not been able to completely LET GO.

One of five pieces that I have summed up as the wise women even speaks of this, it is called Surrender. In fact she came into being almost effortlessly simply because I was able to LET GO.

Letting Go

Letting Go

Last week I packed up the paintings and shipped them off to Nassau to the very capable hands of the curator of the show. Despite knowing and trusting this curator implicitly I had not been able to just let go now that my job was done; I was filled with worry and anxiety all of my own making. A little positive feedback was all that was needed and I did indeed LET IT GO.

Life is a Beautiful Burden, creating art is a Beautiful Burden and finding the courage and faith to just let it go is also a Beautiful Burden. Before you give someone this advice again remember that the power of positive words goes a very long way.

LETTING GO is freedom, surrender allows us to truly receive what it is we need; recall these words next time you are required to take a leap of faith or make an important decision, I know I will.

Claudette Dean