Entrance Wall at Hillside House for "Ripple" displaying donated works by Claudette Dean

In the spirit of the ripple effect of giving, I decided to donate a very special body of work to the Ripple 2013 Event that was held at Hillside House in collaboration with PoPopStudios International Center for the Visual Arts in March of this year. These particular paintings referred to as “Five New Works of Art” (I’ve donated 4) had marked, for me, the completion of a very long journey of reaching in with my work. The opportunity to now reach out and give back to the greater artistic community, through the donation of these paintings, completed a perfect circle. It also afforded me the opportunity to walk my talk of Unity and to, not only effect, but be the change that I’d like to see. As it turns out, all of the monies raised at Ripple 2013 went to assist in the junior residency program for young up and coming artists. I couldn’t be more delighted!

After having produced my performance art video “Resurrection” and before deciding to donate these paintings, I had been in neutral as far as producing new works. I realized that I was at a new beginning and once I made the gesture of releasing these paintings, the doors of creativity began once again to open.

At the urgings of a very wise friend, I also consciously created an intention for myself. Once my intention was clear, I made a step towards it and committed to a solo exhibition in February 2014.

I am once again in my studio working and I am once again flying on the wings of creativity.

Here’s to the joy of giving and to the power of intention!

Video featuring the opening night of "Ripple"

Claudette Dean