Beverly Hills Film Festival - John Voigt and Claudette Dean

The first part of 2011 has been one filled with travel for me starting with a trip to Beverly Hills California as guest artist at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. Back circa 1974 when I was sitting in a movie theater watching “Deliverance” I would never have imagined that my life would one day have me standing next to John Voigt taking a photo with him while I was showing art at the Beverly Hills Film Festival!!!

Claudette Dean traveling in the Mediterranean

Claudette Dean traveling in the Mediterranean"

Next was a trip to Atlanta Georgia to show art at Tyler Perry Studios (yes Tyler Perry was there!) and lastly a cruise on the beautiful Mediterranean.

I normally would have been stressed out about not having enough studio time but the further my travels have taken me the more I realize that the whole world IS my studio. Inspiration that comes from a fresh perspective is boundless and the treasure trove of beauty found in different parts of the world is simply unbelievable. The more we encounter different people the more we realize how similar we all are and that the saying “The grass is always greener on the other side” applies everywhere. Whether it be in the amazing city of Barcelona, the breathtaking amalfi coast of Italy, or looking down at the Mediterranean from atop the magical island of Santorini, whenever I told anyone that I lived in the Bahamas they all wanted to know what on earth I was doing THERE!

So I’m back home now filled with inspiration and gratitude. My travels have given me back that sense of wonder and of endless possibilities... I’m in my studio working…it’s a bit crowded in here now that I’ve welcomed in the whole world but oh what a conversation we are having!!!

Enjoy this quick tour around the Mediterranean... Cheers!

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Claudette Dean