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Botanika Plastika Fall 2020 at Doongalik Gallery, Nassau Bahamas

BOTANIKA PLASTIKA imagines a leap into a surreal future in the year 2525 where the proliferation of plastics suffocating our soil and water has resulted in a new Yellow Coco-tic plant species being discovered that assimilates plastic as a means of coping with a deeply changed environment. Discovered along the remaining high ridge island settlements, the surviving shoreline birds are attracted to its bright plastic-predominant blooms and lay their eggs in its mesh of un-natural roots. A cautionary tale, BOTANIKA PLASTIKA is also a prayer of hope and awareness that our collective powers will come together in time to truly see, appreciate, and support protections for the existing environmental miracle of life on earth—before nature takes matters into an unrecognizable direction: a haunting nature-will-survive-at-all-costs hybrid adaptation. Set against a faded background of a long ago heirloom seed packet, the accompanying poster heralds this new bio-discovery by Creative Explorer & Time Traveler Artist Claudette Dean. The work echoes save-the-earth anthems from another era when pleas for climate and environmental compassion to preserve for future generations a planet full of color and life—beyond plastics—were paramount. Accompanying field notes and poster design by Paula Boyd Farrington. Coco-tic (coconut + plastic) futuristic adaptive plant species sculpture by Claudette Dean.

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Location: Doongalik Gallery, Nassau Bahamas

When: November 7th and 8th, 2020

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Claudette Dean coming home to Blind River for book signing

Visual artist Claudette Dean returns to her hometown of Blind River at least once a year, and this year she returns with a special surprise for book lovers.

Dean, who was born and raised as a member of the Leboeuf family in Blind River, will be on hand for a signing event at the Blind River Public Library on Friday, July 6 (2018) at 1 p.m. She will have a limited supply of her first novel, ‘Smelling Roses – A Tale of Connection and Transformation’ available for purchase at the event and looks forward to meeting old friends and book lovers to discuss her work.

Smelling Roses is described by the author as,

“a tale of love, forgiveness and transformation that puts ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances and shows how everyone is connected.”

The novel is set in the 1950s and 60s, and prompts readers to watch the subtle signs in life for clues as to what is truly important.

She Was Also In Your Nation, Haven’t You Heard? created by Claudette Dean

“She Was Also In Your Nation, Haven’t You Heard” is the title of a painting that was conceived of and produced for the Eight National Exhibition, NE8, held at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, November 2016 through to April 2017. This piece was created in response to a victorious “No” vote against gender equality in a referendum held in the Bahamas earlier that year (2016).

The following is the artist statement that accompanied the painting.

In this day and age, there are questions to be asked of a nation that votes against gender equality. In regards to the ultimate question - why would a women vote against her own best interest? - the following words from Belgian-born, French, feminist philosopher, Luce Irigaray, give pause for reflection: “To become means fulfilling the wholeness of what we are capable of being…But as long as woman lacks a divine made in her image she cannot establish her subjectivity or achieve a goal of her own. She lacks an ideal that would be her goal or path in becoming.”

Ray of Light created by Claudette Dean

The darkness is always pierced by a ray of light and that ray of light illuminates everything. After a period of gestation in the darkness of the creative womb, illumination did indeed arrive with a Ray of Light.

After having received an invitation to draw up a proposal for a sight specific art installation, my creative juices started flowing again with the idea of using an obelisk on which to display art. The following is my artist statement for “Ray of Light”:

Ray of Light was conceived and designed as an art installation that would inspire a swell of the positive energies of Love, Peace, Unity and Joy.

Claudette Dean - Artist

Some may say that there is no such place as the place between the old and the new, that the now is always new and of course this is absolutely true. However when we are in the process of shedding old outmoded habits and beliefs that no longer serve us, we are entering a place for which we no longer have a road map. It is a place of both unease and excitement; moving forward requires courage, the feeling of stagnation has to become more unbearable than facing the fear of the unknown.


JUST LET GO is advice we often give people when they are struggling in one way or another but it is not as easy to do as it sounds.

This past year I have been working on a body of work for a solo exhibition which opens on February 14, 2014, its title is “Beautiful Burden”.

I admit it has been a struggle at times mainly because I have not been able to completely LET GO.

One of five pieces that I have summed up as the wise women even speaks of this, it is called Surrender. In fact she came into being almost effortlessly simply because I was able to LET GO.

Entrance Wall at Hillside House for "Ripple" displaying donated works by Claudette Dean

In the spirit of the ripple effect of giving, I decided to donate a very special body of work to the Ripple 2013 Event that was held at Hillside House in collaboration with PoPopStudios International Center for the Visual Arts in March of this year. These particular paintings referred to as “Five New Works of Art” (I’ve donated 4) had marked, for me, the completion of a very long journey of reaching in with my work. The opportunity to now reach out and give back to the greater artistic community, through the donation of these paintings, completed a perfect circle. It also afforded me the opportunity to walk my talk of Unity and to, not only effect, but be the change that I’d like to see. As it turns out, all of the monies raised at Ripple 2013 went to assist in the junior residency program for young up and coming artists. I couldn’t be more delighted!

Behind the scenes with David Mackey of Mackeymedia filming Claudette Dean performing Resurrection

Unity consciousness is a state of enlightenment where we pierce the mask of illusion which creates separation and fragmentation. Behind the appearance of separation is one unified field of wholeness. Here, the seer and the scenery are one." ♥ -Deepak Chopra

I thought ending 2012 with a post on Unity Consciousness would be most appropriate on many levels.


It’s simple, I work from the heart. The five new paintings that I am presenting mark the completion of a circle for me and the beginning of a new one fueled by a creative mindset which is simply to
Teach Love.

What follows is a piece written about these five new works by a friend and fellow artist who understands both my work and the world of contemporary art, Susan Moir Mackay, Honors B.A. In sharing this essay, I am celebrating these five new works and I am honoring the time and effort Susan has so graciously taken to write about my work. — Claudette Dean

Bahamian Sunflower

In art it is so important to keep pushing the boundaries and to step outside of your comfort zone. As an artist I love being given the challenge of creating for a specific theme. I find it exciting to see how my point of view reveals itself in the process of creating and how there always seems to be a constant when it comes to the source of inspiration, the place from which an artist’s thumbprint originates.

This year for the annual Transforming Spaces art event that takes place in Nassau, artists were asked to create using natural fibers that are found in the Bahamas; all of the participating galleries would have one theme “FIBRE”.

Claudette Dean New Years 2010

I told a good friend the other evening that I was “standing in my own power” and that things were good because of it. The phrase popped out of my mouth without much thought and I have since been reflecting on it as part of my end of year ritual.

Travel has been a big part of 2011 for me not only outwardly but also inwardly. I feel as though I have successfully completed a long hike that I have been on for many years and that now, at the end of this trail, I find myself standing in my own power. I have come to acknowledge and accept every part of my being, for better or for worse, taking responsibility for MY thoughts words and deeds and for no one else’s. I know my purpose and with love and gratitude in my heart I am ready for the NEW.

Claudette Dean