The WomanSpeak Journal Vol7. 2014

The image above is the cover of the latest edition of WomanSpeak, published by Bahamian Lynn Sweeting. I’m happy to once again be among the featured writers in this collection. I enjoyed reading last year’s edition and I’m sure this year’s will be equally interesting.

The Woman Speak Journal 2012

I’ll be one of your bright beacons there to show the way…As I wrote the words a feeling of completion washed over me like a wondrous wave of peace and power that only truth can bring. In the front yard, the yellow poui, attebeya the maiden in her yellow dress someone remarked, shimmered and sparkled against a clear cerulean sky.

Roots by Claudette Dean

About the 2012 - Cover of Timeless Spirit Magazine, January 2012, theme, Path Volume 9 Issue 2.
Roots by Claudette Dean - 24" x 36" oil on canvas with collage.

She stands firmly rooted with the sun at her back in a sky filled with movement and colour. A light-filled staircase leads up to a bright future. With arms outstretched in a gesture of complete surrender, she is saying I AM.

Claudette's Sisters Painting on the Cover of The Woman Speak Journal - 2010

The WomanSpeak Journal Vol. 5, 2010 - The WomanSpeak Journal is an annual journal of writing and art by Caribbean women. The journal seeks to nurture Caribbean women's creativity by publishing the best new women's literature from the Caribbean and by bringing their work to a wider audience. This 2010 edition is the fifth journal published in the series, started by Lynn Sweeting and Helen Klonaris both of Nassau, The Bahamas.

Claudette Dean