The Gentle Joy of Family – by Claudette Dean

Finding Joy - A Journey of Self Discovery

In Finding Joy, an art exhibition which opens in Freeport’s Grand Gallery on May 8th, 2015, four artists - two established and two emerging ones, invite the public to a celebration of life and creativity.

For Claudette Dean the joy of art occurs in the space where art and viewer connect. She uses color, form and word to create a poetic world of love and harmony. In Dean’s works universal human values such as love and procreation, family, friendship and spiritual awakening are connected in the circle of life expressed through the sun and the moon – the celestial bodies which symbolize the eternal cycle of day and night. The circle as a symbol and graphic device is omnipresent in Dean’s oeuvre. Circles proliferate in her paintings – sometimes directly visible, sometimes woven into intricate compositions or repeated details.

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Claudette Dean