The Gentle Joy of Family – by Claudette Dean

Finding Joy - A Journey of Self Discovery

In Finding Joy, an art exhibition which opens in Freeport’s Grand Gallery on May 8th, 2015, four artists - two established and two emerging ones, invite the public to a celebration of life and creativity.

Bearing by Claudette Dean

Antonius Roberts Studio and Gallery at Hillside House in Nassau presented the exhibit "Beautiful Burden" new work by Claudette Dean on February 14th. The following is a review by artist, Susan Moir Mackay, a B.A. (Hons) in Art and Design on the collection by Dean. The work is on display until the end of February.  Art has many functions beyond aesthetic. One of the functions is to satisfy the need to create: art exists because artists are moved to produce. There is an inner imperative that the artist is compelled to follow and the consequence — the piece of art — is the by-product of that inner mandate.

Claudette Dean
Published August 17, 2013 in the Nassau Guardian

This week Grand Bahama-based artist Claudette Dean answers 20 questions from Guardian Arts & Culture.

    1. What's been your most inspirational moment in the last five years? It would have to be when I did a live performance art piece in front of a group that was gathered to explore the concept of "Boundaries".  The performance had a profound effect on me and I believe the group as well.  It was later to become the basis for "Resurrection", the performance art video I presented at NE6.

Claudette Dean
By David Mackey - The Bahamas Weekly News Team

From the minute we are born, layer upon layer of labels and identities begin to conceal and separate us from one another. Veil after veil, I removed all that I thought I was and all that I thought I had to be. Exposed and vulnerable, without labels or identities, I stood only as truth and in the silence of the heart I remembered I Am That I Am." — Claudette Dean

Hope by Claudette Dean

Often times, a single piece of artwork can define an individual artist, a sweeping era, or a life-changing moment in time. Deeply embedded in our cultural consciousness, such work becomes legend and the artist of an icon. The work reproduced so often that to see it in person is a rick moment for the viewer.

Sunflower by Claudette Dean

PRESENTING a diverse selection of mixed media pieces that included a life-size sunflower, an 8 by 8 paper box and a video installation, Bahamians showed that they can work in any and every art medium, during the recent Transforming Spaces art tour. Taking on the theme of 'Fibre,' over 50 artists each brought their very own individuality and creativity to their art pieces.

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Susan Moir Mackay and Claudette Dean

I have known the Grand Bahama artist, Claudette Dean for a few years now, and I am always struck by her quiet intelligence. It seems this ability to observe humanity through her warm eyes translates well onto the canvas as her success as an artist has grown from strength to strength.

To read more about Claudette and many of the various events that have taken place in her world of art go to and search Claudette Dean.


Claudette Dean