Smelling Roses, A Tale of Connection and Transformation, by Claudette Dean

Charles Montgomery is an unlikely hero. An eleven year old identical twin, he is torn from his God-fearing family, and institutionalized for his strange pronouncements. On the eve of his eighteenth birthday, he mysteriously disappears, only to return a decade later, transformed. The hero's journey traverses the religious, psychiatry-obsessed 1950s, into the turbulent, revolutionary sixties. It is meshed within a tapestry of human connections interwoven with dark threads of addiction, abuse, and mental illness, and woven with golden threads of compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. Implied in the title is a scent of mysticism. Sprinkled with serendipity, and interspersed with lucid dreams, the story hints at unseen forces at play in everyday life, and glows with channeled messages of universal truths illuminating its pages.

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This was a fascinating weaving of characters interacting on many levels. I found this book a real page-turner! I hope there is a sequel!" — Suzane Cooper

This book glows with heart—a story of light channeling into even the darkest places. The well-wrought characters are warm and funny and have their faith tested time and again as unlikely messengers bravely reflecting a prism of new possibilities, new wisdom and compassion, while battling a one-dimensional societal norm that sparks the changes ushered in during the 1960s. A fascinating and knowing look back into that tumultuous era, this vibrant book also grooves with inspiration amazingly in synch with today’s world—a renewal of trust in the growing tides of love emerging against all odds. Like a richly-patinaed peace sign of hope, it sparkles with wit and mystical wonder—a timeless story of ordinary people and everyday courage along the path of more deeply embracing the divine humanity in all of us." — Paula F. Boyd

A wonderful story of faith, spirituality and universal love. The connections the author made between the character keeps you interested in reading and wanting to find out more. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! Hopefully, there is a sequel!!!" — De'Shea

Welcome to My Journey

Embracing the unknown, I continue to explore and to express from my place of connection, and to follow the Golden Thread. Through the process, I find my gifts, and through the work, I share them. And the journey continues.

— Claudette Dean


Remarks and Reactions

…Claudette Dean paints from the spirit, what she believes in that moment is true…what has become even more important to her, and artist like her, is that art can become a medium in and of itself. The process of art making can initiate a spiritual transformation on the part of the artist, and the potential also exists for this spirit to move in the viewers as they engage the work."

...Sometimes she takes the viewer by the hand, leading them to quietly discover hidden secrets and wonders. At other times, the intensity and beauty of Claudette's work is so powerful, it takes the breath away, opening a doorway to what an Enlightened Master meant when he said "The Heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there and roam."

...Seeing Claudette's work, one can't help but conclude that she is spiritually connected to unwritten laws that foster harmonius coexistence free from the superficial veils of delusion that mask our true selves."

David Mackey
Director, Mackeymedia

There are many functions to art, and telling stories of a different spiritual reality is the happy and intriguing by-product of Dean's need to create."

Susan Moir Mackay
Honors B.A. is a phenomenal gift to pull into imagery the unimaginable inner world, yet Dean does it with a quiet confidence..."

Susan Moir Mackay
Honors B.A.

Claudette Dean