Inner Sactum,

  • Inner Sanctum Show

    Inner Sanctum Show

    Inner Sanctum is my latest exhibition. It opened at Popopstudios in Nassau, Bahamas on October 8th, 2010. For this exhibition, John Cox and his team at Popopstudios transformed the space using curved walls to actually create the Inner Sanctum. Bold colors were chosen from the actual paintings to use on the various sections of the wall to really complement the softness of the paintings. Within the Inner Sanctum, a voice recording of my poems played and added another dimension to the experience. I also had on display a hard cover book with poems and paintings from the show.

  • The Gift of Grace

    Mama Love

    2010 proved to be a very busy and productive one in my world of art. It started off with putting together a proposal for a public art piece for the newly renovated and expanded airport facilities in Nassau, something I had never done before. I put together a presentation called "A Day in Paradise".  Then there was the "Love My Bahamas” mural project “A Grand Bahamian Vision”, NE5 – the 5th National Juried Exhibition at The National Art Gallery (see November blog post) and then my one woman exhibition “Inner Sanctum” (see October blog post) which was, I am proud to say, a part of the very first Carifringe Festival to be held in the Bahamas.

Claudette Dean