Inner Circle by Claudette Dean
By: Julie Hoyle, author of "An Awakened Life, A Journey of Transformation."

Whether we realize it or not, we are born seeking someone or something that can prove to us, we are not imagining it, there really is something greater than the small self we are led to believe ourselves to be. On first viewing Claudette Dean’s art, I could see that she had begun her own inner journey and that she was courageous enough to share what she had uncovered. Over time, as this journey has deepened, Claudette’s work has become more profound. Sometimes she takes the viewer by the hand, leading them gently to discover hidden secrets and wonders. At other times, the intensity and beauty of Claudette’s work is so powerful, it takes the breath away, opening a doorway to what an Enlightened Master meant when he once said:

The Heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there and roam."

Shedding The Veil

Claudette is a true mystic and visionary. Her commitment to uncovering and expressing the Truth of Unity Consciousness or Oneness of Spirit is revealed in every nuance and detail of her work. The passion to share what she knows and lives is what makes her work so unique, pulsating with beauty, light, intensity and authenticity. Her art is like a mirror she lovingly holds up for us to see ourselves. In the union of her inner knowing and the expression of her abundant creative gifts, Claudette encourages us to celebrate what we have always known deep in our souls and have longed to come home to within ourselves:

We are Light. We are Truth. We are One.”

Claudette Dean