Unity Consciousness

“Unity consciousness is at the root of my work. My desire is to create from the spirit in a language that reflects love and unity, thereby promoting equity and compassion.”

— Claudette Dean


My voice as an artist and as a writer has definitely been a feminine one. Symbolism and light have been constants in my work.

I am forever seeking to connect with the divine within and to express the universal. My creative impulse thrives in that mysterious realm somewhere between the known and the unknown.

In this space, free of misconceptions and boundaries, intuition kicks in and naturally taps into the spiritual.

It helps that I see the world through a spiritual lens anyway, and when I’m working, and connected, there is a definite sense of the mystical.

There is an addictive alchemy involved in creating which is simply not of this world and it keeps me yearning for more.

Claudette Dean was born in 1954 and raised on the beautiful north shore of Lake Huron in Blind River, Ontario, Canada. In 1975, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in French Literature from the University of Windsor. She spent the summer of '75 continuing her studies at The University of Nice, France, and it was while studying there, that she first sensed an intuitive pull towards the visual arts—a direction which she was not yet ready to embark upon.

Claudette Dean’s work is a part of The National Art Collection of the Bahamas.


  • Commonwealth of the Bahamas Award for outstanding achievements in the realm of Fine Arts, presented by The Bureau of Women’s Affairs, Freeport, Bahamas.
  • Miami Children’s Hospital, award for excellence in working with children’s issues through art.

Claudette Dean