Claudette Dean - Bahamian Artist

Claudette Dean was born and educated in Canada where she obtained a B.A. degree in French Literature. She continued her studies at the University of Nice in the south of France where she was immersed in the world of fine art. It was here that her innate passion for the visual arts was first awakened.

In 1979, Claudette relocated from Montreal Canada to Freeport Grand Bahama where she continues to reside as a Bahamian citizen. She spent several years teaching French and later owning and operating two local businesses. At a time in her life when the status quo was no longer enough and a search for meaning had become undeniable, her latent passion began to resurface.

She started painting in the early 1990’s and has never looked back. The generous support of her husband, children, family and friends, as well as the early mentorship and guidance of renowned Bahamian artist Antonius Roberts, figured prominently in her growth as an artist. After a few private lessons and summer workshops, Claudette continued refining and developing her work on her own and today, after years of focus and dedication, she is considered an accomplished artist.

Always mindful of giving back and of supporting the community, Claudette was granted an award by the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, through The Bureau of Women’s Affairs on the island of Grand Bahama, for outstanding achievement and contributions in the realm of Fine Arts. Her work is a part of the National Art Collection of the Bahamas and she is found in many private and corporate collections in the Bahamas, The Caribbean, Canada and the USA. In 2007 she was honored to be invited to hold a one woman show at the museum in her hometown in Canada on the occasion of the town’s 100th anniversary, a full circle event for the artist.

Claudette Dean’s journey as an artist has been one of self discovery that has led her back to Source. She has known the grace that is given so freely and so abundantly to those with a pure heart who long to know their purpose and who persevere. In 2009 she began writing poetry as another means of expressing the Divine. In her own words:

In searching my heart I found my purpose;
In exploring my purpose I found my Self”
— Claudette Dean

Claudette Dean