A Grand Bahamian Vision by Claudette Dean and Chantal E.Y. Bethel

"A GRAND Bahamian Vision" is the result of collaborative work by two Grand Bahamian artists – Chantal E.Y. Bethel and I – who along with 13 local and international artists were commissioned by DNP (Downtown Nassau Partnership) for the installation of artistic murals throughout downtown Nassau, The Bahamas.

A Grand Bahamian Vision Mural Erected on Bolam House

"A GRAND Bahamian Vision" which is represented by a pair of sunglasses captures part of the heritage and culture of the Bahamian people. Each of us used one lens to share our vision with the viewer and the two lenses are connected by the island of Grand Bahama.

A Grand Bahamian Vision Mural - Far Left Panel

The logo on the sunglasses "G B" also references Grand Bahama. The site for the mural is Bolam House located on George Street in downtown Nassau.

A Grand Bahamian Vision Mural - Left Lens

As you view the mural the lens on the left, which is mine, has for its theme "WE R 1" - promoting unity. The scene is a beach with children and people of all colors enjoying themselves, to the far left a young girl and boy, one black one white, are holding hands and walking along the beach. The lens on the right by Chantal E.Y. Bethel celebrates to 20th anniversary of the Bahamas Youth Choir and depicts a group of men and women dancing on the beach.

The project was named "Love My Bahamas".  Read more about it at www.lovemybahamas.com

Claudette Dean