Freedom Call – Front Cover

In 2007, the world commemorated the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. Fellow artist Chantal E.Y. Bethel and I organized a cultural show and Fine Art Exhibition in Freeport, G.B. in commemoration of this important event in the history of our Bahamas. Thirteen of the country’s top artists participated and Mr. Antonius Roberts was the curator of the show. The evening also included song, dance, poetry and drama. The event was held under the auspices of The Grand Bahama Heritage Foundation. The catalogue contained essays by the  Minister of Tourism for the Bahamas, Mr. Neko Grant; Dr. Gail Saunders, (Ph.D) Director General of Heritage and Board Chair – National Art Gallery of the Bahamas; and Erica Moiah James (Ph.D), Director of The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas.The piece I produced for the exhibition was "Silk Cotton Spirit".

Silk Cotton Spirit

My statement:

"Silk Cotton Spirit" speaks to the strong, resilient, solidly rooted nature of the African slave whose freed spirit, as legend would have it, lives on forever in this magnificent creation of nature strongly associated with African Heritage the silk cotton tree." — Claudette Dean

Claudette Dean