Roots by Claudette Dean

About the 2012 - Cover of Timeless Spirit Magazine, January 2012, theme, Path Volume 9 Issue 2.
Roots by Claudette Dean - 24" x 36" oil on canvas with collage.

She stands firmly rooted with the sun at her back in a sky filled with movement and colour. A light-filled staircase leads up to a bright future. With arms outstretched in a gesture of complete surrender, she is saying I AM.

Roots was painted in 2004 for a body of work that was meant to be a type of visual autobiography highlighting the interconnectedness of events and people which have shaped my life. A very special painting, it honours my birth family: mother - Irene, father - Roland James, brother - Roland Edward, and my dear sister - Rose Marie. You'll find us all featured in the collage of photos found amongst the tree roots; Rose and I are the only surviving members of our family.

These roots feed my "tree of life", sustain it with unconditional love and support and as a result it continues to flourish. For that I am eternally grateful....

Claudette Dean