Bearing by Claudette Dean

Antonius Roberts Studio and Gallery at Hillside House in Nassau presented the exhibit "Beautiful Burden" new work by Claudette Dean on February 14th. The following is a review by artist, Susan Moir Mackay, a B.A. (Hons) in Art and Design on the collection by Dean. The work is on display until the end of February.  Art has many functions beyond aesthetic. One of the functions is to satisfy the need to create: art exists because artists are moved to produce. There is an inner imperative that the artist is compelled to follow and the consequence — the piece of art — is the by-product of that inner mandate.

Claudette Dean's latest body of work, Beautiful Burden, explores and expresses her personal and yet universal journey into her spiritual beliefs. Springing from her like a visual meditation, the work infers a private mythology. It is imbued with secret meanings and imagery—there is a sense that she is showing us a path that is clearly the result of a profound and unique inner directive.

Beautiful Burden presents musings on life in a world of duality where there is no peace without struggle, no joy without pain; it explores issues of sanctity, of finding solace, and of achieving and maintaining balance and connection while in the midst of the battle." — Claudette Dean

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